18 August 2021 – Level 4

Unfortunately we are back in Level 4, but thankfully as previously we are classed as an Essential Service therefore we are still open to call for all our lovely patients.

During Level 4 restrictions we are only seeing emergencies and sick patients. All elective work has been postponed and can be rescheduled as soon as we know when we are going down alert levels.

If bringing your pet to the clinic, please call in advance and book an appointment. When you arrive in the car park please call to check in and our nurses will come out and collect your pet as soon as possible. Vets will be doing phone consults with you to obtain a history. They will then examine your pet, discuss a treatment plan and then either return them to you or admitting them into the hospital for ongoing treatment.

Drug and food sales will continue. Please call in advance to order and then call us when you arrive in the carpark and will will bring it out to our.

We have a mobile EFTPOS machine for payments or you can pay over the phone.

Due to our large team, we have split into two smaller teams and will be rotating days. These teams won’t come into contact with each other, enabling us to still care for our patients should one of us be exposed or fall sick. (Hopefully this won’t happen)

A reminder to all clients to please wear a face mask when interacting with our nursing team. They will all be in full PPE.

We have got through this before and we can get through it again. Stay safe everyone.


We are now at Level 1.  At Alert Level 1 we all need to be ready in case COVID-19 reappears in our community.

  • Stay home if you are unwell
  • Get a Test if you have symptoms
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Use the NZ COVID Tracer App
  • Keep track of who you’ve seen
  • Keep your distance

15 May 2020

NEWS from Macy and Lola as to what Level 2 vetting will look like……We are now back to seeing routine vaccinations, spey and neuters.

***This starts from Monday 18th May***

Finally Macy can meet all our fabulous clients but remember it’s one client per pet allowed into the clinic.
Please stay in your car until your allotted appointment time.
If you are at all unwell please stay at home and have someone else drop your cat off. No children in the building at this time please.
Can CATS all use the designated CAT WAITING area so we can obey the rules of social distancing
Seating will be spread out and hand sanitizers available.
Food and prescription sales can still be Made by per- ordering and paying over the phone or online. If online payments we need 24 hours notice for your payment to show up in our banking system before collecting.
We are stringent with our disinfection and hygiene protocols everywhere. Our EFTPOS terminals are wiped down after every use. Please don’t stand too close to the counter.
Our CATTERY is OPEN for those that require it but no one will be allowed through the hospital and up in the cattery at this stage.
No one will be seen unless they have a booked appointment time. Emergencies are an exception.
We are contact tracing and recording all transactions through our EzyVet software system.
PLEASE BE FRIENDLY AND KIND TO all OUR STAFF. We have not had a break in 7 weeks, have worked every weekend and 12 hour days solidly. Often late into the night.
We love helping animals and doing our very best but the whole process is slower and we need you all to have patience and understand we are all doing our best.
THANK YOU and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Can’t wait for you to all meet my Macy.

13 May 2020

The time has come to say good bye to our incredible team of humans and dogs. It has on the whole been a blast – not many people get the chance to work helping others and supporting each other during a worldwide pandemic. The work on patients we have done is outstanding.
Steve and I are so proud of all our people. You are truely an incredible, intelligent, kind, loyal, hard working and FUN group of gals …….plus the 2 guys are okayish too.
Looking forward to seeing the whole crew Monday.

28 April 2020

Level 3 – well done everyone for getting us this far, we still have some work to do to get us to Level 2. Please stay safe and stay in your bubble.
For us Level 3 means we will still be caring for your pets as we were in Level 4 and we are staying in our teams.
We have set Vets and nurses working very hard every day to care for your pets
We will still be doing all consults over the phones, no clients allowed in the clinic.
If you require food or medications please call the clinic or email us, please give us a few days to organise your order. It is appreciated if you can pay over the phone that way we can just drop your order outside to you.
Please be aware our phone lines are very busy, your patience is greatly appreciated
When you arrive for your appointments or to collect food and medication, please call the clinic and let them know you are here, what vehicle you are in and they will give you instructions on collecting your pet or picking up your order.
If you are on foot please wait behind the barriers and we will bring your order out to you. Thank-you
For all payments we have a mobile Eftpos machine no pay wave sorry, or you can pay over the phone. Thank-you
Most importantly thank-you for your patience we are still very busy and everything takes a little bit longer during this time, our staff are doing an amazing job looking after your pets.
Stay safe, look after yourselves and your bubble and enjoy the sunshine

24 March 2020

Update from Michele and Steve.

We are thankfully classified as an Essential service therefore we will still be open to care for all our very precious patients.
We will need to change the way we see you though to minimise our exposure so in the next 24 hours I will be writing up our plan for the next month to keep you informed.
We will see emergencies and sick patients. Clients will need to call the clinic from their cars once in our carpark to check in and our nurses will collect your pet. Vets will do phone consults with you to determine a history, we will examine your pet, treat as required and either return to you or admit depending on the problem.
Elective work will have to be postponed. I will classify later what these are.
Drug medications and food sales will still go ahead and we will bring out to you in our carpark. We will have a mobile eftpos terminal in place for payments
Due to our large staff of 26 we can split into two teams – one team on 4 days and the other 3 days. These teams won’t have contact with one another. This will still enable us to care for our patients should one team fall sick or become exposed. Hopefully this won’t happen.
We are here if you need us for anything.
Let’s not panic and let’s all give our beautiful pets extra hugs and love and walks over the coming weeks.
Tough times calls for kindness and compassion towards others. Everyone stay healthy and safe.

23 March 2020

We are still open and are planning on staying open to help with your pets. We may reduce procedures and some consults,but we will keep you all up to date. Thank-you

22 March 2020

In light of the difficult challenges we are all facing today, Steve and I want to reassure our clients and our community that we are doing everything we can to ensure we keep our staff healthy and safe and our clinic open to treat your precious animals 7 days a week.

This may be the first of many posts as circumstances change and there is lots of information out there on the Do’s and Don’ts.

Our job is to treat all pets to the best of our ability but we need to be healthy and adequately staffed to do the best for your pet so we need YOUR HELP to ensure this happens.
A few common sense rules to follow-

Please limit the people coming to our clinic. Only 1 person needs to bring in a pet. Please keep
Your children at home if you can.
if you are UNWELL in any way, in self isolation or have travelled overseas in the past month, please get someone else To bring your pet to us. If you have no one to call on, we will collect your pet from our carpark and examine inside and collect the history outside.
please disinfect your hands on entering our clinic ( hand sanitizer or sanitiser wipes )
we would prefer NO CASH transactions if possible.
please keep your social distance from others waiting in our reception area.
We won’t be allowing clients through our hospital or cattery at the moment, only reception and consult rooms.

As always your pets will be our priority. We will do our very best to keep the clinic running smoothly. We will be calm and supportive to your needs and adaptive if required. Trust us to make the right decisions. We will keep you informed.
Look after each other and your 4 legged friends. We will need our pets more than ever now.
Michele & Steve.