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Puppy Preschol

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Your puppy starts learning at a very early age, and puppy playschool is designed to provide positive opportunities for early learning and socialisation. It is the first step in developing your dog’s future behaviour, and your role as a responsible dog owner.

The classes are held at McMaster and Heap Veterinary Practice, which provides a safe environment for the puppies, and repeated positive experiences to our clinic promotes stress-free future visits later on. It is a three-week course of approximately 2 hours each session and costs only $120.00. Classes are based on socialisation and play for the puppy, with short training sessions included so they don’t get bored.

Puppies should ideally be between 7 to 16 weeks old when commencing the course, and it is a requirement that they have had their first vaccination before attending.


  • Puppy Development
  • Toilet Training
  • Socialisation
  • Nutrition
  • Rewards and Punishments
  • Basic Commands
  • Hierarchy, Dominance and Territory
  • Grooming and Dental Care
  • Parasite Control and Vaccinations
  • De-sexing
  • Registration and being a Responsible Dog Owner
  • And More!!!!!

You are encouraged to bring any other family members along, as it is good for puppies to socialize with people of all ages. This will also ensure your puppy is taught and cared for in a consistent manner by the whole family, with everyone “being on the same page”.

Before you come along each week, please take time to exercise your puppy, and encourage it to go to the toilet. If an accident does happen, not to worry, I am very handy with a mop, but we do want to minimise the odds. Please carry your puppy in your arms from your car to the clinic. We can assure you the inside of the clinic is free from dangerous viruses, but the car park may not. Just a reminder, all puppies are to have had at least their first vaccination for the safety of your puppy, and others attending. Classes are run when we have approximately three or more owners and puppies signed up. You will then be contacted and advised of your course start date.


Hi, my name is Carol Fowler and I take puppy playschool at McMaster & Heap Vet Practice. I know I don’t trust my animals with just anyone, so here is some info on me! I have an NZQA “National Certificate in Vet Nursing” completed at the Christchurch polytechnic in 2005.

During my studies I developed a particular interest in canine behavior and in 2006 I furthered my education and completed an advanced NZQA unit: “Canine Behavior 7400”. Though this course I learnt how to recognize, prevent and resolve routine dog behavior problems and to undertake a practical dog behavior modification case.

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