In House laboratory

In House Laboratory McMaster HeapIn House laboratory

We have a complete in house laboratory that can process all bloods (biochemistry, electrolytes, and hematology) producing results within 30 minutes. We also perform cytology of urine specimens, ear swabs, skin scrapes, vaginal cytology. Pre-aneasthetic bloods are a great idea especially in the older patient to make sure all the vital internal organs are in good working order before your pet receives an anaesthetic.

We have just added another blood dry biochemistry analyser to our laboratory. This is allowing us to run more tests on your pet, saving you time (as the results are produced in 12 minutes) and money. With the new testing we are able to perform Thyroid hormone testing, Bile acids which determines liver function, Magnesium, Blood gases, and many more.

Reliable diagnostics is key for us to quickly diagnose disease, therefore treating it promptly.